Tradexic has mane P2P Partners which are bound to us by a security deposit & other Terms & Conditions, in order to create fast and secure transaction we use local P2P Partners in working location in order to avoid any governmental law suites, 


Our P2P Partners are small companies local OTC traders, and individuals, who fallows our security deposit guidelines in order to start getting fiat transaction request in that location. Every P2P partner has to deposit a set amount of security to get transaction requests, we only provide transaction up the security deposit amount, to ensure safety of funds. 

How Fast it is?

It is faster then any format of crypto exchange in the world sometime it takes only 5 min to get withdrawals in banks. (fast withdrawals are backed by high Tx changes)

Can i become P2P partner?

Anyone can become P2P partner by fallowing our terms.

How Fiat Deposits works?

IF any user want to deposit fiat in his/her fiat wallet, he/she simply need to create a support ticket with the amount and method of deposit, we will send him/her a deposit information in his email/mobile/support, after completing the deposit user have to open fiat wallet deposit section to fill up the transaction number and amount, after vitrification we will approve the deposit and user will get funds in his/her fiat wallet this all process takes hardly 1hr.

How Fiat Withdrawal works?

IF any user want to withdrawal fiat from his/her fiat wallet, he/she simply need to create a withdrawal request, after user request we send credentials to our P2P partner in that location as our P2P partner process and provide us the Tx info we will approve the withdrawal request and user will get funds in his/her bank account. this all process takes hardly 1hr.

What are the methods of depositing Fiat?

Banks & cards.

For any other inquire kindly create support ticket now