Auto-renew - automatically renew lending orders as they expire

Ask - a sell order

Balance - amount of currency held in an account

Base Price - the breakeven value of your position

Bid - a buy order

Borrower - user acquiring financing to open a position; funding taker

Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) - centralized database of limit orders

Claim - immediately settle a leveraged position by buying the position

Close - selling out of a long position or buying out of a short position

Collateral - borrower’s assets used to secure financing

Confirmation - equivalent to 1 new block discovered and validated by the network

Context - description of an order’s nature as either “exchange” or “margin”

Count - the number of orders at a specific level

Counterparty - the trader/s or lender/s matched with your order

Cryptocurrency - digital currency that is cryptographically secured

Effective Period - the duration until borrowed funding expires

Effective Rate - the interest rate being paid for borrowed funding

Equity - net assets of an account; can also refer to Trdaexic shareholdings

Exchange - trading without leverage (Order Form); can also refer to the Trdaexic platform

Exchange Wallet - the wallet-specific to trading without the use of leverage

Execute - to complete an action

Expiration - the time until borrowed funding is returned

Fee - amount charged to provide a service (trade, bank wire, etc.)

Fiat - a national currency such as USD, JPY, CHF, CNY, CAD, AUD, EUR, and etc.

Flash Return Rate (FRR) - a moving average rate weighted by market variables

FRR Delta - a dynamic rate that is a specified offset from the Flash Return Rate

Funding - a funding provider lends currency; a funding taker reserves/receives it

Funding Cost - amount owed to lenders for a position or total of all positions

Funding Provider - the funding lender from the peer-to-peer financing market

Funding Taker - the receiver of a funding offer; a borrower

Funding Type - financed position on either a “daily” or “term” basis

Funding Wallet - the wallet specific to providing funding offers/financing

Gross Tradable Balance - the amount of tradable balance in BTCUSD calculated from the value of your margin wallet funds and the available leverage on BTCUSD

Gross Trading Balance - the USD equivalent value of your margin wallet balances

Hidden - a bid, ask, or funding offer that is not visible on the order book

High - the highest price traded for a specified currency within 24 hours

Leverage - amount of borrowed funding to finance a trade position

Liquidation - forcefully closing a position that cannot maintain required margin amount

Liquidity - size and amount of orders in the order book

Liquidity Taker - trader removing liquidity from the order book, or a funding borrower

Low - the lowest price traded for a specified currency within 24 hours

Maintenance Margin - required net asset value as a percentage of borrowed funds

Maker/Taker - adding or removing liquidity from the order book, respectively

Margin - trade with leverage (Order Form); also known as collateral

Margin Available - the total amount of funding offers and range of rates offered

Margin Buy - using leverage to long (buy)

Margin Call - notification that your position is in danger of liquidation

Margin Reserved - the amount of funding borrowed for margin trading

Margin Sell - using leverage to short (sell)

Margin Wallet - the wallet specific to trading with leverage/financing

Market - all traders that execute orders of any type

Market Price - value of the most recently executed order

Matched - two parties (buyer/seller or borrower/lender) coupled to execute an offer

Maximum Margin Rate - the highest interest rate a trader is willing to accept for funding

Net Trading Balance - the sum of Gross Trading Balance + Unrealized P/L + Unrealized Funding Cost

Offer - orders in the order book or funding book

Order - a bid (buy order) or an ask (sell order) and its type: market, limit, stop, etc.

Order Book - database of available bids and asks

Over The Counter (OTC) - access to large liquidity outside of the public order book

Pair - a currency against another currency; e.g., BTCINR or LTC/BTC

Per - duration of margin funding, typically expressed in days

Peer-to-Peer - from one user to another; person to person

Period - the duration a borrowed funding offer has until it expires and is returned

Platform - the Tradexic exchange upon which trading and funding occurs

Position - the trade amount longed (bought) or shorted (sold) via the order book

Precision - number of significant figures

Profit/Loss (P/L) - the profit or loss of open margin positions relative to the market price

Provided - amount of funding given to a borrower for a specific rate and duration

Rate - interest charged to the borrower of funding

Required Equity - the amount of equity needed to keep a margin position open

Reserve - a funding taker secures a funding offer from a funding provider

Spread - difference between the ask and bid nearest the market price

Taken: Unused - borrowed funding available to open a position

Taken: Used - borrowed funding bound to an open position

Throttled - update frequency of the order book (default is 5 seconds)

Ticker Price - price of the most recently executed trade; also known as Market Price

Total - the cumulative amount at a specific price (trading) or rate (funding)

Transfer - to move funds in or out of Tradexic, or between wallets

Trigger - target at which an action will execute

Type - order type (market, limit, stop, etc.)

Unrealized P/L - the profit or loss of an open position if it were closed at market price

Unrealized funding cost - total unrealized funding cost for all open margin positions

Verified - user who submitted satisfactory compliance documentation

Volume - the total quantity or value of trades (buys and sells) within a timeframe

Wallet - storage location for a specific type of currency