(Example: How can I buy BTC with INR?)

  1. Make sure your funds are in the INR wallet.
  2. Go to the Exchange page and choose the pair you want to trade (in this example it will be BTC/INR).

  1. In the Market FORM select the INR tab. Then you will need to click on the BTC, to go in BTC/INR market.
  2. Now go to market orders and click on the order you wnat to BUY or SELL, you can fill your desired price also in order form to get BTC on your price.
  3. the moment you click on any given order Your order will appear in the BUY and SELL Orders tab.

  1. Once the order is executed, your funds will be credited to your wallet if order is not executed it will your funds will be in Freeze section of your wallet.
  2. The executed/canceled order will then move to the Order History tab. 

1. Your Active orders you can see just below the order form box.

2. To cancel any order you need to click on given 3 options in order book box (cancel all BIDS, cancel all ASKS, cancel ALL orders)

1. To check all the Orders History you need to go in Orders