The first thing you should look to do when setting up your Tradexic account is ensure that you have proper security measures put in place. Securing your Tradexic account does not require much effort and a couple of clicks can go a long way in making sure your account remains protected. 

1. Enable 2 factor authentication

First thing to do is make sure that you sign up using a password that is unique to your Tradexic account, and complement it by enabling two-factor authentication. We recommend for users to use Google 2FA or U2F and a password manager to assist with this. Storing a physical copy of your 2FA backup key will allow you to reset your 2FA in the event that you lose access to your phone. Take care when storing digital copies of back up keys, if you choose to do so.

These two simple security measures alone can go a long way in securing your funds and should act as the foundation for any further security configurations.

2. Add withdrawal addresses

Add withdrawal address to a single white listed address per currency. For example, if you only trade/hold Bitcoin, add your external Bitcoin address for withdrawals. This will prevent malicious actors from withdrawing your funds (to an address that isn’t yours), should your account be compromised.

For example, if you leave XRP withdrawals open, someone would simply need to exchange all your funds to XRP to bypass restrictions. We only allow it to address you added in wallets.

3. IP addresses History

Every day check login IP addresses history to insure that no other IP is trying to access your account