You can fund your Tradexic account by depositing tokens from your external wallet or a third party exchange. To do this -

  1. Go to
  2. Select the token which you’d like to deposit to your Tradexic account. For a list of available tokens, see here.
  3. Copy the deposit address for the wallet of your choice. Choose Copy to Clipboard when copying the address to ensure the address is copied correctly.
  4. Open the external wallet from which you wish to access your funds and send the funds (e.g. using Blockchain) and paste your Tradexic deposit address into the application as the transfer destination.

For each deposit you can use a single deposit address and continue to use the same one permanently.


Wait Times

Bitcoin are credited after a minimum of 3 confirmations (about 5+ minutes). Please keep in mind that deposit times can fluctuate hugely based on network congestion, and the tx price used to send the deposit. 


Supported Coins

Tradexic does not support every single token, and transferring some tokens (e.g. Waves) will result in a loss of your funds. For an overview of supported currencies, please see