Welcome to Tradexic

Founded in 2017, Tradexic is a cryptocurrency exchange providing advanced services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers. Tradexic is the one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Tradexic also facilitates the trading of many other altcoins.

Exchange Trading

At the heart of Tradexic are central limit order books for the spot trade of digital tokens. Users can deposit, trade, and withdraw digital tokens.

To Get Started

The first thing you need to do after creating your Tradexic account is to optimise your security settings. Tradexic provides an advanced range of security features that users can enable to increase their account security and further protect their funds.

As a bare minimum, we insist for all users to create a strong, unique password for their Tradexic account, and to combine this with Google 2FA. It is extremely important that you note down your 2FA key, made visible during the setup process, saved offline/in a secure location! A failure to do this can, in a worst case scenario, result in account lockouts lasting days.

We have a number of additional recommendations for all users who wish to ensure the safety of their funds -

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Add withdrawal addresses for all currencies.

For more information on how to thoroughly secure your Tradexic account, visit the Security section of the Tradexic Knowledge Base.

Depositing Funds

To get started with trading on Tradexic, you will first need to deposit some funds. This can come in the form of any of our supported cryptocurrencies (INR, SGD, USD).


Fiat Currencies

Note that if you wish to deposit and trade fiat currencies (INR, SGD, USD), you will first need to verify your account. In addition to letting you deposit, trade and withdraw fiat currencies, a verified account can also work to speed up deposit and withdrawal times.

We’ve put together a couple of guides to assist you through the verification process -

  • Identity Verification - Individuals (Picture, National Id Documents, Bank account Information)
  • Identity Verification - Organisations (Picture, National Id Documents of directors, Bank account Information, Tax Id documents)

Please keep in mind that, once submitted, verification of your account can take up to 24hr. Whilst waiting, however, keep in mind that you can still deposit, trade and withdraw cryptocurrencies tokens prior to completing the verification process.


To make a deposit, visit the Wallet section of your Tradexic account, found in the top. Choose the currency you wish to deposit (e.g. BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP), generate an address in the wallet you wish to send to and input that address as the receiving address.

We’ve put together a few guides to help you through the deposit process -

  • Making your first deposit
  • Where is my deposit?
  • Why is my deposit unconfirmed?
  • How do I perform a Ripple (XRP) deposit?
  • How do I perform a Bitcoin (BTC) deposit?
  • How do I perform a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposit?
  • How do I perform a Litecoin (LTC) deposit?
  • Deposit Fees

Please keep in mind that deposit times can fluctuate hugely based on network congestion, and the gas price used to send the deposit. More information on required deposit confirmations can be found here.

Making Your First Trade

You are now ready to make your first trade. To make a trade, follow the steps below -

  1. Make sure your funds are on your Exchange wallet.
  2. Find to the Exchange page and select the pair you wish to trade (e.g. BTC/INR - buying BTC using INR)
  3. Simply fill up the amount and click Buy or Sell to execute.

Using the BTC/INR example outlined above, pressing Buy would purchase BTC using your existing INR, whereas pressing Sell would sell your existing BTC for INR.

Your order should now appear in the Orders section, visible right below Buy /Sell box. Once your order is executed, your funds will be credited to your wallet and the executed (or canceled) order will now move to the Order tab.

Making your first trade on any exchange can be stressful as it often seems like there are many variables to keep in mind. We’ve put together another example below to help you make sense of it all.

The picture above shows an Buy Order Form for the BTC/INR pair. 

The first box, Price INR, is the price you wish to pay per BTC. Keep in mind that this is not the total price you wish to pay, but the price per individual BTC.

The second box, Amount BTC, is the total amount of BTC you wish to buy . To make a purchase, click buy BTC.

The picture above shows an Sell Order Form for the BTC/INR pair. 

The first box, Price INR, is the price you wish to receive per BTC. Keep in mind that this is not the total price you wish to receive, but the price per individual BTC.

The second box, Amount BTC, is the total amount of BTC you wish to sell. To sell BTC click sell BTC.


When you are finished trading and wish to withdraw your funds to a personal wallet or bank account, you can do so through the Withdraw function on your Tradexic wallet page.

Fiat currencies

To withdraw fiat currencies (INR, SGD, USD), your account first needs to be verified. After verifying your account, simply make your way to the wallet page, pick a currency (INR, SGD, USD) and select your bank account which you already fill up in Manage Kyc/Manage Account.

The fee structure for withdrawing fiat currencies is 1% of the amount withdrawn, with a minimum $500. Standard withdrawals are processed within 48hr it may take longer if your bank is 3rd party bank or a bank which take service of other banks.

Express fiat withdrawals are processed with 1 hours, at a fee of 5.00% of the withdrawn amount.



To withdraw cryptocurrencies, make your way to the Wallet page. From here, select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, e.g. Bitcoin, and fill out the information as required. This includes filling out -

  1. Add The external address (where you wish to send the funds) or use any old address you already added in your BTC wallet.
  2. The Quantity you wish to send
  3. Press Proceed it will ask for OTP which you will receive on your registered Mobile /Email 

After confirming OTP, our multi signature cold wallet will receive your request and our managers will accept your request within 5 minute of time, after that it will take only required confirmations from blockchain in order to see it in your external wallet.

  • How do I make a withdrawal?
  • How long does it take for a cryptocurrency withdrawal?
  • How long does it take for a wire withdrawal?
  • Where is my withdrawal?
  • Why is my withdrawal “pending approval”?
  • Why was my withdrawal cancelled?
  • Why do I have a withdrawal hold?


For an in-depth overview of your account activity history (trades, deposits/withdrawals, balances) you can make your way to the Orders section for trade history reports or you can go in wallet section to see all the deposit/withdrawal reports.

  1. Make your way to desired section to check Reports.
  2. Select the type of report you would like to download.
  3. Select the appropriate Date Range.
  4. Press View for a quick view of the report.
  5. Press Download to download the report.

Visit the links below for more specific guides to viewing/downloading reports -